Purchase autographed books!

Below are books you can purchase from me. Please indicate if you’d like me to personalize/inscribe any of the titles or if you’d prefer just a signature. For a price quote, please e-mail me.

* At least one free SWAG item (i.e. signed poster, postcard, bookmark, bookplate) will be included with every order.

* All items are in USD. Free shipping if mailed in the USA. For orders that require international shipping, please indicate where you’re located and I’ll send you a shipping quote.

* I have a limited number of translated copies available. Please email to inquire if there’s a specific title/translation you’re looking for and I will give you a price quote.

Blue is for Nightmares (paperback, $10)
White is for Magic (paperback, $10)
Silver is for Secrets (paperback, $10)
Red is for Remembrance (paperback, $10)

The TOUCH series
Deadly Little Secret (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Deadly Little Lies (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Deadly Little Games (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Deadly Little Voices (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Deadly Little Lessons (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)

The DARK HOUSE series
Welcome to the Dark House (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Return to the Dark House (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)

Stand Alone Titles
Shutter (hardcover, $16)
Bleed (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Project 17 (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)

Shattered: Book #3, The Amanda Project ($9)
Stash of signed SWAG ($3)