Purchase autographed books!

Below are books you can purchase from me! Please indicate if you’d like me to personalize/inscribe any of the titles or if you’d prefer just a signature. Email me by using the form on this page!

At least one free SWAG item (i.e. signed poster, postcard, bookmark, bookplate) will be included with every order.

All items are in USD. Free shipping if mailed in the USA. For orders that require international shipping, please indicate where you’re located and I’ll send you a shipping quote.

I have a limited number of translated copies available. Please email to inquire if there’s a specific title/translation you’re looking for and I will give you a price quote.

Blue is for Nightmares (paperback, $10)
White is for Magic (paperback, $10)
Silver is for Secrets (paperback, $10)
Red is for Remembrance (paperback, $10)






The TOUCH series
Deadly Little Secret (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Deadly Little Lies (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Deadly Little Games (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Deadly Little Voices (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Deadly Little Lessons (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)





The DARK HOUSE series
Welcome to the Dark House (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Return to the Dark House (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)







Stand Alone Titles
Shutter (hardcover, $16)
Bleed (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)
Project 17 (paperback, $10 | hardcover, $16)







Shattered: Book #3, The Amanda Project ($9)
Stash of signed SWAG ($3)