To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Blue is for Nightmares, I released an e-book novella, BLUE IS ALSO FOR DREAMING, to tell the story of what happens 20 years later. We return to Hillcrest Prep and meet Stacey Brown’s daughter, Anna LeBlanc, who finds herself with a similar ability as her mom. You can purchase the e-book wherever you buy your e-books.

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Lucky” is a story about a recent college grad who goes on a date with danger. The Story of Vera Valentine” is about a girl in boarding school and her unusual roommate.

Roses for Josie” is about a reclusive woman who stumbles upon a creepy dating website.

Mary will be a Good Little Girl” is a about a schoolgirl-ghost who’s still waiting to be heard, still lurking in hallways of her old abandoned school.

The Story of Vera Valentine” is about a girl in boarding school and her unusual roommate.

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